Internet Marketing Spyware and Keyword Research Made Easy

by MichaelB on June 1, 2009

Ahhh…the tricks of Internet Marketing, and savvy internet marketers. There’s always more than meets the eye when it comes to internet marketing services.

I’ve had several emails asking me what those yellow markings are on Google.

People have observed them in my videos and want to know what’s up.

Actually, it’s spyware that shows me all the adwords and the actual ads that are being used for any keyword search by advertisers.

It’s a great tool that saves me a lot of time. Here’s why.

Typically, advertisers test, split test and test some more to find good keywords and also split test the ads themselves in paired combos to find the best performing ad for any specific keyword they are advertising for.

I can save myself a lot of time if I can observe what they are doing and then just utilize the same adwords or ads for myself with a few tricks of my own thrown in.

It’s a great way to find new markets also. Many advertisers have already found long tail keywords that work that I don’t have to look for. Also, by observing their keyword lists, I can sometimes discover hot niches I haven’t thought of.

By observing what they are doing, I can save myself tons of time in discovering keywords because typically advertisers have all ready done the majority of the work. Additionally, I use other tools to dig down even deeper into Google’s keyword tool to uncover traffic sources and clues to what may work or not work.

I share one of these secret tools I use in my internet marketing services in this video – enjoy!

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