As an Internet Marketing Consultant, I am continually asked the best web internet marketing strategies for business.

In this series of articles, I’ll share how you can dominate your competition using these proven leveraged synergy multipliers.

Internet Marketing…it’s not a game any longer, it’s serious business.

Recent studies show 97% of consumers go online FIRST to find the local businesses they want to give their money to.

The study, released by BIA/Kelsey, also states the following:

“The Internet has indeed become an integral part of consumers’ local commercial activity,” said Steve Marshall, director of research, BIA/Kelsey. “The data suggest we’re at an inflection point where the balance of power in local shopping is shifting to online.”

Grasp what that states? Consumers are looking online first for the local businesses they want to deal with and a major disruptive shift is occurring that will change the face of local business forever.

Have you figured it out yet?

Do you know how to use the internet, the most powerful communication tool ever invented, to grow your business and bring you targeted customers and clients?

Do you know how to be the dominant force in your local market?

Or is it all still a mystery to you?

Let me de-mystify it for you and tell you exactly what you must do for your business to survive this monumental shift that is occurring.

We call it the “Power of Leveraged Multipliers” and it’s designed to give your business the synergy, acceleration and velocity that brings customers and dollars through your doors. It’s designed to dominate the competition and put your business in front of the consumer.

As you properly integrate and layer these leveraged multipliers into your business, you gain Market Dominance.

Isn’t that what you want for your business?

Now let me ask you a deadly serious question.

Are your potential customers finding you online, or are they finding your competitor? Is the customer’s cash flowing into your pockets or stuffing your competitors?

We can make you the dominant market force you deserve to be.

Whether You Seek Local Dominance Or National Prominence,
The Power Of Leveraged Multipliers Will Be The Gears
Driving Your Business To The Top

The principle of “Leveraged Multipliers” can be simply defined as follows. To apply it, you must use a minimum of five integrated “Leveraged Multipliers” to create synergy, acceleration and velocity to vault your business to the top, dominate your competition in the virtual marketplace and become the established authority in your business niche.

Gear Up Your Business


What you see above are 5 primary gears that will drive your online success. These are your foundational building blocks and when properly utilized, they will provide exponential business growth by creating synergy, acceleration and velocity for rapid and explosive growth. Let’s explore these in detail.

Your Website, Creating Your Core Synergy Gear

WordpressIt begins with your website. Your website is the main gear driving your marketing. Most businesses make a fatal mistake and don’t do the necessary market research to make their site a success. They also do not build it on the correct platform. Learn more about this main gear for establishing the core for your leveraged synergy. Also use our resource tools to research the market and determine your ROI potential for your marketing strategy. Read more now…


Google, The Priority Gear You Must Own

Google GearGoogle! Need I say more? You need a strong Search Engine Marketing plan to dominate your competition and place your website where tens of millions of people nationwide are searching everyday for businesses just like yours. The front page of Google is the place to be. You want your business located at the corner of Google Main Street and Google Avenue. Do that, and you will leave your competitors in the dust.

Where is the corner of Google Main Street and Google Avenue?

On Google’s front page.

Google is the modern day equivalent of Rodeo Drive, Michigan Avenue and Fifth Avenue all rolled into one. It’s also Main Street USA. If you aren’t on the front page of Google, nothing else matters. Discover why your number one priority must be having your business on the front page of Google to ensure your online success. Read more now…

Accelerate Your Growth With Social Media Gears

FacebookAstonishing growth is taking place in Social Media. Facebook and Twitter just to name two. Social Media is not just a game. It has evolved into distinct marketing platforms that can brand your business and bring you customers. But you must know how to use them properly and make them part of your leveraged multipliers for success. Read more now…



The Powerful YouTube Branded Video Gear And Video Marketing

YouTube is simply astonishing. Are you using it as a major gear and marketing platform for your business?

YoutubeBranding your business with video is simply one of the most powerful things you can do to create synergy, acceleration and velocity for your business.

We are visual people and have been raised with television. Video is like comfort food.

24 hours of video are uploaded every minute to YouTube and Google’s speech recognition technology can translate those videos into 51 languages. There are 2 Billion views a day on YouTube, 3 times the viewers of all 3 major TV networks combined. There are 46 years of YouTube videos viewed everyday on Facebook alone.

If you aren’t tapping into the YouTube to drive your business, you are going to have a mechanical breakdown. Read more now…

Be Connected To The Palm Of Your Customer’s Hand 24/7
With The Mobile Marketing Gear

MobileIncredible statistic. There are 4.5 billion mobi devices in use worldwide. The Mobi market is growing 8 times faster than the PC market and people are spending less time on their PC because they have the power to do the same thing in the palm of their hand. 21% of all online sales in Japan were done using Mobi devices in 2010, while in the U.S. it was 10%. Amazon did over 1 Billion in sales this year through Mobi Devices and Ebay, 1.5 Billion.

What does that have to do with you, you ask? Those are big companies.

Wrong! They are training your future customers.

Google is building their entire business model around the fact that by 2014, more people will be accessing the internet by Mobi rather than PC. If you don’t take advantage of the Mobile Marketng Gear and the synergy it can provide your business, you will be left in the dust. You still have time to have first mover advantage. Look at it this way. Would you have liked to have been first on the internet? With Mobi you can gain an incredible edge for your business by doing just that. Read more now..

Will Your Business Survive This Fundamental Change
That Is Taking Place?

Or will you wake up in 2 years and wonder what the heck happened?

That is the choice you have. The shift taking place in consumer behavior cannot be denied.

Are you ready for it?

As a smart business owner, are you ready to implement and take first mover advantage while you still have the opportunity?

We serve clients from New York to California and from Seattle to Phoenix because we are cutting edge and know how to market your business online.

View just a few of our client success stories, and then let us make you a success story.

Now You Can Be The Dominant Force In Your Business Niche

We can make it work for you. Now you can realize a significant ROI on your investment and begin putting your product or service online with confidence – because we know how to put your products or services it front of the consumer, your target market, where they can see it.

Let us remove the guesswork from the equation today. Let us show you how to boost your business and target your market the right way. Please review our internet marketing services.

Ready To Make A Game Changing Move?

Ready to step up your web internet marketing and take advantage of this huge demographic shift online? Ready to work with an internet marketing consultant whose internet marketing strategies have been proven time and time again?

Then call us at 509-371-9148, or use the contact form on our site to arrange a consultation.

The survival of your business may depend upon it.

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